Roads made real.

CSUR is the largest road mod ever for Cities: Skylines.
It helps players to more efficiently build realistic road infrastructures and massive road networks.

CSUR provides you with the richest road content for Cities: Skylines in an unprecedented scale.
More than 400 different CSUR road assets are available on the Steam Workshop, and are packaged into 11 asset packs to suit your city-building need.
If you cannot find your desired CSUR road in our Workshop collections, you can even create your own CSUR road using our generation software, as simple as downloading Blender and running one command line.

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Help us improve CSUR.

CSUR is a set of open-source software under the GPL-3.0 license. It takes in road modeling elements and/or textures (licensed separately) and generates everything needed for a Cities: Skylines roadtypes asset. CSUR welcomes code contributions to help make it better.

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Support the development of CSUR.

Game development with large-scale content generation needs tremendous amounts of dedication and effort. We would be more than happy if you could donate to us for our development and maintenance. There's a lot to look forward to.



Asset creation hasn't been this easy.

Read our documentation and learn how to create your own CSUR module, or make a full set of roads using your own models.

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