# Introduction

  • CSUR (Cities: Skylines Urban Road) is a road building system developed for the game Cities: Skylines. CSUR helps players to more efficiently build realistic road infrastructures and massive road networks.

  • All-new version of CSUR is released on Steam Workshop! Compared with the original CSUE and CSUR road packs, we further improved the models and textures and implemented tons of new features, including asymmetical roads, BRT roads, exhaustive collections of ramp/interface modules, fully-rendered tunnels, and a lot more. We developed a code to automatically create all CSUR assets using the parameters of each module so making your custom CSUR road only takes a few minutes.

  • The contents and features in CSUR dramatically exceed any road pack on Steam Workshop to date so documentations and tutorials are still under construction. We appreciate your patience while waiting for these contents.

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